HarmonyumHarmonyum Healing Sessions

Harmonyum is a relaxing, non-invasive, hands-on modality that sends healing to the nervous system, brain and heart. It is bio-metaphysical medicine. It works from the twelve cranial nerves in the back of the head, which control our perception, down along the spine to the sacrum. It strengthens, clears, and balances, promoting the body’s capacity to heal itself. Harmonyum raises the rate of vibratory energy in our body and has the power to release an enormous amount of Divine Love into our being. It addresses the root of imbalances that prevent the free circulation of our life force. We become infused with light, clearing physical and emotional blockages and increasing pranic supply to all cells and organs. When that energy flows properly we are happy, healthy, and emotionally stable. It promotes mental clarity, personal realization, internal peace and an increased capacity to live life authentically. It neutralizes addictive patterns and equals hours and hours of meditation. A deep recalibration is possible on many levels. The effects of Harmonyum develop for hours and days after the treatment has ended.

Harmonyum is excellent for illness, pain, stress, injuries, heartbreak, trauma, and general restoration. It is safe for any health condition and is a powerful complementary treatment for patients who may be undergoing other medical therapies.

What to expect: You will lie facing down and light touch and movement will be applied along your spine. Please wear comfortable, lightweight clothing.

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: $125 per session / $820 for a series of 7 sessions

To learn more about this modality or schedule a session please call Linda Fiske at 203-730-2400 or Marie-Anne Gajdosik at 203-313-5577

For further info, check out the Harmonyum Healing website here: www.HarmonyumHealing.com

Universal Kabbalah ConsultationUniversal Kabbalah Consultation

Receive time-tested spiritual technology to learn your energetic blueprint and how to work in harmony with it to allow more ease and flow in your life. Using calculations based on your birthday, name, and other information, we examine the influences behind your personality, relationships, health, career, and more. These private sessions are designed to address your specific needs and provide guidance and approaches to assist you in achieving that which you desire.

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: $125 per session

For more information or to schedule a session, please call Linda Fiske at 203-730-2400


Private Yoga Sessions

Private yoga sessions are a great way to build a strong foundation to continue a practice at home, in a group class, or simply to work one-on-one. Each session is customized to serve your individual needs and can include physical postures, specific sequences, breath work and meditation. Some benefits of private yoga include individual attention, addressing a specific health issue, breaking down postures/exercises, and working towards personal goals. Choose from 30, 60, 75, or 90 minute sessions.

30 minutes:
60 minutes
: $100.00
75 minutes: $125.00
90 minutes: $150.00

(Please note: cancellation without 24-hour notice will be subject to a 50% appointment fee.)

For more information or to schedule a session, please contact Linda Fiske at 203-730-2400