Naam Yoga

Naam Yoga is a complete practice that merges the precise science of breath, sound, movement, and mudra therapy (hand postures) with the practical application of the laws of nature (Divine Spiritual Wisdom) for total well being. It is an invaluable, self-healing technology that balances the brain and the glandular, nervous, and digestive systems, allowing one to experience vibrant health and well-being. These classes are designed for all levels. Come prepared to move, awaken the meridians, and leave feeling totally invigorated! Read more about Naam Yoga here.

Shakti Naam Yoga

The name Shakti Naam is a combination of Shakti, the universal creative power, and Naam, the cosmic sound current vibrating through all creation. Shakti Naam merges rejuvenating yogic techniques which work to calibrate the subtle, or energy, body, with the power of sound – the Naam – to magnify the healing benefits on the mind and body. It is a unique fusion of movement, breath, acupressure, stretching and vocal vibration that activates and strengthens the body’s self-healing capacities, providing people of all ages with radiant health, happiness, and vigor. Class will include standing postures with powerful breath work for detoxification, vitality and strength. Read more and watch a video about Shakti Naam here.

Gentle Naam Yoga

An introduction to the basics of Naam Yoga. This class will focus on breath work, stretching, asana and mantra meditation for those who may be looking for a gentler approach. A perfect class to begin your experience of Naam Yoga or to enjoy as a seasoned practitioner.

Vinyasa Yoga

An alignment oriented class that guides you through classical yoga poses with attention to breath and mind-body awareness. A slightly more rigorous class although all are welcome to come and experience the joy of yoga.

Hour of Power

A 60-minute powerful vinyasa flow practice inspiring full engagement of body, mind and spirit. Heightened awareness will be encouraged through challenging yet accessible posture sequences immersed in a playful soundtrack. This class will offer an open opportunity to build strength and power in your yoga practice with posture options offered for all practice levels.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) incorporates the science of breath, postures (asanas), and sound current (mantra) in sets called kriyas, timed and sequenced for specific effects. The result is a systematic cleansing and strengthening of the body and mind, removing stuck energy and subconscious patterns that prevent us from experiencing our highest self and greatest well being. Each class is structured to work on all levels, leaving you feeling refreshed and positive.

Gentle Yoga

Designed for every body (and soul) type, this class focuses on simple movements that gently build strength and renew energy. By uniting our breath with movement we calm our mind, open our body and release physical tension.


This class will offer you the opportunity to guide yourself through gentle, slow Somatic movement, tailored to engage your brain’s ability to control, lengthen and relax the muscles. Merging from Somatic movement into yoga postures invites increased awareness and smoother movement on and off the mat. In this hour-long session you will be taught gentle and effective ways to re-educate muscles that have been taught to hold on to excess stress. Done daily, Somatic movement can permanently release muscle pain allowing ALL movement to be done more smoothly and efficiently. It is good for injury, repetitive strain, compensatory muscle use and trauma.

Morning Meditation

Throughout time the early morning hours have been recognized as the most powerful time to meditate. In this class we practice a series of breath and mantra meditations to align ourselves with the highest vibrations for physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. Experience the benefit of starting your day with this positive energy.